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Extend the outreach of your app with expert Digital Marketing Services.

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Digital Marketing Services in US and Canada. A Company to Give Your app the Technical Advantage

Digital Marketing Services Company
  • From visibility to downloads, monetization, and retention, we take care of all aspects of taking your app to the market

  • As every business is breaking into the mobility space, the number of Digital Marketing is increasing at an exponential pace. The app space is getting crowded each day, and your app/app concept is becoming simply one of the many. The expectations of an entrepreneur and the hundreds of precise apps have become extinct and we can find simply the rare fossils. Both Android and iOS apps face daunting competition as there are countless similar apps that they need to leave behind on the app store. Even if you have the best app, it may not be able to become visible and fetch downloads if not marketed properly. Hence, Digital Marketing companies in India have become an essential entity for businesses that want to gain mobility advantage.

  • CJT's, being one of the best Digital Marketing Companies offers customized Digital Marketing services that are designed to assist you in creating a strong presence and generating high revenues from your app. From improving app discovery to increasing organic installs, building engagement, and more, we do everything that is needed to give you the winning edge.

Our Expertise

A team of talented app developers and marketers, we deliver superlative apps and also make sure that they reach your customers and connect with them.

Pre-launch App Marketing

Before launching the app, it is essential to have a good foundation for being prepared for the launch. We create an effective pre-launch strategy that aims to have the audience waiting eagerly for your app.

User Engagement

An app needs to be capable of active user engagement to be a success. Through specialized engagement strategies, we not only make sure that your users will stick to your app but also bring new users as well.

App Monetization

We realize that different apps have varying monetization needs and objectives. Accordingly, we come with a strategy that entices the target audience to become a part of the monetization process.

User Retention

The ultimate aim of any app is to acquire maximum users and retain them. We make this possible with our consistent marketing and promotional efforts that build user interest and retain it as well.

What Makes Us an Ideal Digital Marketing Services Provider?

CJT is recognized for its web & mobile app development expertise. But we extend much beyond just developing amazing apps but also make sure that they are marketed right to reach and connect with the audience.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Explore the end-to-end app marketing services we offer to take your Web & Mobile APP to the top

App Consulting

Even before you conceive an app's idea, you need to understand its feasibility and create a relevant feature set that it must possess. Our consulting services help you develop the right ideas for development and marketing.

App Marketing Strategy

Get a comprehensive Digital Marketing plan which is strategized with a detailed approach to launching, promoting, and monetizing your app. Our experts make sure that the strategy gets you result within an optimal time span.

App Store Optimization

We help you to substantially enhance your search visibility of your mobile app on App Store and gain a greater number of organic downloads with our result-oriented, data-driven app store optimization services

Paid Ad Campaigns

Leverage targeted paid ad campaigns Google and social media platforms to generate more views, downloads and app installs for your mobile app. From optimizing your ad campaigns to combining paid ads with ASO, we do it all.

Social Media Services

Our marketing ninjas improve the app discovery and boost the brand recognition with PR releases, social media services and more. Let us amplify your mobile app to reach a much bigger audience base.

Mobile App Analytics

Our mobile app analytics services are tailored to gather data related to user behavior, analyze it, and extract rich insights which can be used to build a solid app marketing plan that delivers fast and efficient results.

Why Choose Us?

Excellence and experience

We hold expertise and experience in Digital Marketing and employ an array marketing methodologies to help the clients achieve the desired results.

Efficient project handling

Every project we handle is an opportunity to prove our expertise and we invest all our efforts and dedication to get the best results for our clients.

Superior strategies

Our team uses proven strategies along with the latest trends and technologies to get tasks accomplished successfully and professionally.

Quality solutions

We go that extra mile when it comes to quality because we always want clients to witness measurable results with their apps.

Our Approach

Digital Marketing Services is a wholesome method of engaging with your target user-base through the app’s lifecycle. Our approach to the procedure is a crafted, deliberate, and phased approach

Marketplace Analysis

Like most approaches, our technique for the great app advertising and marketing approach starts with in-depth marketplace research. We analyze if there’s a high call for, the running system and specifications, your category aggressive index, area, and the way different apps in a comparable matrix are performing.

User base Acquisition

This is step one wherein the user interacts with the Web & Mobile app. We use client acquisition techniques like advertising through social media, incentives like giveaways, search marketing, store listings and paid promotions.

Consumer Activation

The subsequent step after the users have their app on their tool, it’s vital that they use it, and not abandon it as soon as they’re on board. We chalk out a powerful reach-out, intuitive messaging approach so we get the user’s attention through push notifications or in-app messages.

User base Retention

The very last and non-stop procedure in Digital Marketing is consumer base retention. Metrics like the lifetime cost of a consumer, profitability of efforts installed, and the path to take the app into view.

Industries We Cater

Being a client-centric organization, we understand the significance of delivering tailored services and solutions that align with the unique requirements of the clients. We cater custom website development services to clients across a wide array of verticals.


Not necessarily, it relies upon the sort of commercial enterprise you’re! If it is a retail e-commerce shop, having both is better because you get noticed on mobile and web.


ASO is App Store Optimization, which is the mobile app equivalent of website optimization for engines like google.


Yes, CTR, CRO, and A/B testing are a few tools you may use at once.


In-app providers are one of the most effective and cheap assets of marketing and app advertising. Some of them include notification ads, overlays, banners and bulletins, and so forth. As one of the reputed Digital Marketing companies, get in touch with our team of experts for an in-depth discussion.


Yes, we are comfortable signing legal contracts when you hire us.


Yes, we sign a strict NDA to protect your idea and data. Hence, we ensure complete security and privacy your project.